Real name: Hassan El Mouden
Date of Birth: 02-06-1990
Born in: Weert, the Netherlands
Music Style: House / Hip Hop / Eclectic / Latin House / R&B

MC Boogie is well known for his powerful voice, his energy and spontaneous appearances. He is also called the MC with the loud voice of down south!

This is how it all started

Hassan was 17 when he accompanied DJ Hulk and MC Aka as friend to several parties. Hassan went to different clubs as Club 6 (Venlo), Carte Blanche (Weert), The Energy (Budel) and de Brouwer (Weert). Hassan listened to MC Aka a lot. At the age of 18 he was convinced, he wanted to be a MC.

In the beginning he did not telling anyone of his plan yet. He first began to listen a lot of music to learn some lyrics and practice at home. He was very patient and waited for his chance. He got this chance for DJ Hulks party called LIPS AND ASSES. MC Aka was ill that night so he could not perform. This was the moment when it all started. During that night he got a lot of compliments from people who were at the party. DJ Hulk was surprised by this success and advised him to search for more MC’s to hold up as examples. Hassan immediately searched for a well-known and professional MC and founded MC Gee. This is the MC of DJ Chuckie. From now on MC Gee was his source of inspiration.

When it was clear that Hassan wanted to be a MC, DJ Hulk, friends, the managers of de Brouwer and MC Flawless helped him a lot. The manager of De Brouwer organized a party called 7th Heaven Outdoor. With DJ’s: Apster, Bassjackers and DJ Hulk. On this party they gave Hassan a try out. From that day it was official, Hassan was a MC. There was just one little thing. He had to come up with a MC nickname. He asked his friends to help him to find a nickname and a close friend came with the name: MC Boogie. This friend mentioned: “Hassan is dancing, partying and having fun so he BOOGIES”. This was the perfect name.

For a holiday MC Boogie went to Chersonesos in Greece. During a night out Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano had to perform at the Matrix (the biggest club of Crete). He asked the MC of that night, MC Andy Sherman, if he could get the microphone. This because he told that he also was an MC. MC Andy Sherman agreed and MC Boogie announced Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano.

MC Boogie is still a big fan of DJ Hulk. And a lot of other DJ’s like: DJ Irwan, Chuckie, Carita La Niña, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and many more.

MC Boogie: “My dream is to work with these artists. I’m young, I work very hard and I hope it’ll pay out.”

In 2013 MC Boogie have signed a contract at 010Bookings. This label is from the well known DJ Vato Gonzalez and MC Tjen. Now his real MC career has been officially started!

MC Boogie is specialized in house, hip-hop, Latin house, R&B to eclectic and minimal. This gentleman is ambitious and ready to conquer the world. Ladies and Gentlemen, stay tuned on this site for more information about MC Boogie. Follow his schedule and blog posts